In July 1986, foreigners from 14 countries gathered at the Urayasu Culture Hall in response to a call Monika Furuhata and Monika Kamiya had put out in the local papers. After this initial meeting, UFRA was officially established with 27 members on September 20th, 1986, with the full support of Urayasu City. The number of members grew and UFRA has reached the important milestone of 30th Anniversary in 2016. UFRA continues to help foreign residents feel at home in the community and to encourage multicultural exchanges between Japanese and foreign residents of Urayasu. 

UFRA 30th Anniversary Party (2016)

UFRA’s 20th Anniversary Video 1986-2006

UFRA 20th Anniversary

UFRA’s 10th Anniversary 1986-1996 Booklet

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UFRA’s Now We’re Cooking: UFRA’s No-worry International Cookbook from 2000.

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UFRA’s 20th Anniversary 1986 to 2006 Booklet

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Vintage UFRA Sign Up Brochure