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Introductions from New Committee Members

Introductions from New Committee Members


A few of the new committee members: (top) Gerald Wright, Lal Sawm Lian, Khushboo Aggarwal, Brett Duchon; (bottom) Patrizia Hayashi, Meme Ise, Jacob Schere.

I was born in Korea where everything has changed rapidly and dynamically. UFRA has been an oasis for me where I met nice friends and got lots of information. Since 2002, I have joined UFRA’s kids’ group (Super Tankentai) and have enjoyed all the activities. I am very happy that we have UFRA in Urayasu and will do my best to keep it going on.

Yoonsue Mannaga

I am from India. I teach yoga to my friends as a volunteer. I have completed a post-graduate degree in biotechnology. My hobby is dancing, sewing, listening to music, visiting different places etc. Now I am learning Japanese. I am very glad to join UFRA. I hope I will give my best.

Khushboo Aggarwal

I’m Sawmi from Myanmar. I have been a member of UFRA since I arrived Japan about nine years ago. UFRA helped me in so many ways and I am so grateful for that. However, as a busy working mother with two sons, I could not contribute much until now. From this year, I decided to be a part of this beautiful group and I really hope my participation would be a little help to the committee and each and everyone who is a part of UFRA, thank you.

Lal Sawm Lian

I’m Patrizia, an American-Italian dual citizen. I have been living in Urayasu with my husband and three sons for more than 12 years. Having been one of the founders of Super Tankentai, a parents and kids group, I know the value UFRA brings in support and assistance to foreign residents. I look forward to helping UFRA grow and to continuing its vital role in the Urayasu community.

Patrizia Hayashi

I have studied, worked, and lived in the Urayasu area for the last 15 years. I hope to assist in UFRA’s modernization as well as supporting its continuing traditions. I look forward to meeting and sharing time with fellow members and friends at our various events in the future.

Brett Duchon

I’m Jacob Schere, and I have lived or worked in Urayasu for over 10 years. I spend my time on photography. I look forward to making UFRA the best it can be.

Jacob Schere

UFRA Received Chiba Prefectural Award

UFRA Received Chiba Prefectural Award

UFRA has been awarded the Chiba Prefectural award from Governor Domoto on the Culture Day of Nov. 3rd. After 22 years of UFRA’s hard volunteer work, it has finally been recognized by Chiba prefectural government. The picture was taken at our monthly meeting holding up the award from Chiba Prefecture.

UFRA with Govenor Domoto

UFRA Vice chair Meme Ise, Chiba Governor Domoto, and Chair Krystyna after receiving Chiba prefecture award.