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Korean Cooking Workshop

Korean Cooking Workshop


10월 28일의 한국요리워크숍에 참가해주셔서 감사합니다. 

비빔밥, 콩나물국 그리고 깍두기를 만들며 즐거운 시간을 보냈습니다. 내년에 다시 뵙게되길 바라며 참가해주신 여러분께 감사드립니다. 





Thank you for joining Korean Cooking Workshop on Oct. 28, 2017. 

We made Bibimbap, Kongnamul soup, and radish Kimchi (Kkakdugi) and had a wonderful time. Wish to meet you again next year and thank you very much for joining and helping us. 







Indonesian Culture Day

Indonesian Culture Day


The weather was perfect on Saturday, Sept. 9th and UFRA’s Indonesian Culture Day kicked off on schedule.  Altogether we had 95 guests plus 10 -15 people related to the Angklung group performers. The new Urayasu Mayor honored us with his presence and delivered his message at the beginning. We also had the Minister Counsellor from the Indonesian Embassy staying with us throughout the event.   

The lecture about Indonesia was an eye opener for most of the guests who did not know much about the country.  As always, the dances from Bali, Java and Sumatera were graceful and captivating. The martial art demonstration, called Pencak Silat, was rather special because it was performed by a Japanese woman.  Not many women, including Indonesian women, are practicing this type of martial art.  The guests were pleasantly entertained by lovely songs from the Batak group and the Angklung music by the Chiba Indonesia Society. The last item on the program was tasting Indonesian cuisine.  The Indonesian team prepared several kinds of popular dishes and sweets which all the guests seemed to have enjoyed. 

We collected ¥80.000 by selling the Charity Raffle tickets and the proceeds will benefit Yayasan Sayap Ibu, an institution in Jakarta for mentally and physically disabled children. 

Again I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Urayasu City Staff who worked extra hard to make this event a huge success.  Also to the UFRA Board members for helping out in many ways.  And last but not least, to all my dear friends and my family who assisted and supported me.  

Let’s look forward to UFRA’s next event. 


Monika F.


Check out photos taken from Indonesian Culture Day! 



Charity Concert with Voci

Charity Concert with Voci

Charity Concert

The Voci Angelica Trio are returning to Urayasu City

with a charity concert at Wave 101 Big Hall. From

Boston, the trio strides the boundaries of traditional folk

and classical chamber music by arranging songs from

many cultures into a musical fusion that brings the

cultures of the world together. As they say “one of the

best ways to pursue peace is by singing one another’s

songs.” The trio features Aristides Rivas on cello and

Jodi Hitzhusen and (former Urayasu resident) Meena

Malik, who sing and perform percussion. Readers may

remember their wonderful concert in 2013 and may also

be interested to know that Voci Angelica will be joined

by special guest, Mr. Rabinder Malik.

Venue: Wave 101 Big Hall

Date and Time: Saturday 8 October, 14:00. (Doors

open at 13:30)

Tickets: \1,000

For more information, call 047-352-3900 or e-mail:

Vociチラシ-2 (1) copy