Urayasu City Information

Urayasu City Information

» Urayasu Festival 2017«


Date: September 16 (Sat.) and 17 (Sun.)

Location: Symbol Road (Hinode and Akemi areas), Sogo Park, Meikai University, Shin-Urayasu Station Plaza

Making good use of the excellent local resources and appeal of Urayasu, such as its culture, industry, and urban infrastructure, the city will be holding Urayasu Festival 2017. The festival aims to achieve the ideal of “Creating an Attractive Urayasu” by promoting cultural exchange with communities across Japan and abroad, working toward creating a hometown that residents can be proud of, and creating and stabilizing the local economy.

Note: For more information, please visit the Urayasu City Website. http://urayasufestival.com/

Urayasu City Information

Urayasu City Information

»Toki Wo Tsumugu«

(Spin the time)

Masako UENO with Musical by Miki Junior Chorus (MJC) 

Date&Time August 27, 2017 (Sunday)

Door open 15:00/Starting time 

Urayasu Bunka Kaikan, Dai Hall


The Miki Junior Chorus (MJC) has been performing Musicals in Urayasu for the last 35 years. The story of the musical is based on an island which needs to be developed and it conveys the message that strength lies in cooperating with each other and working together. See poster for details…

Urayasu City Information

Urayasu City Information

The Beer Marché season at Shin-Urayasu!

Beer Marché!

Date and time:  August 4 (Fri.), 5 (Sat.), 18 (Fri.), and 19(Sat.), 4 to 9 p.m.        Location: Shin-Urayasu Station Plaza.

Location: Shin-Urayasu Station Plaza.

Program:  This beer garden will offer gourmet hotel-prepared food and craft beer.  There will also be hula dancing and be singing on Aug. 4 & 5.

It’s summer festival! Many small outdoor restaurants usually open during the night. At Beer Marché you can enjoy not only cold beer but the cool breeze & beautiful night view. Come relax and enjoy time with friends and colleague right after work or shopping!! 

Urayasu City Information

Urayasu City Information


Children’s Summertime Japanese-Language Class 

Date and time:  August 26 (Sat.), 10 to 11 a.m.

Location: International Center

Eligibility: Children who are in the third through sixth grade at elementary school and who need help with the Japanese language; 15 persons on a first-come, first-served basis.

Program: Japanese-language classes geared for elementary school children who need help with Japanese (instructor: Japan Overseas Cooperative Association staff)

Application: Apply in person or by telephone or send an e-mail to the International Center (Tel: 306-5181, e-mail: uketsuke@urayasu-ic.jp; giving your name, address, telephone number, and age) from July 1 (Sat.) 9 a.m.

Inquiries: International Center

July-August Newsletter 2017

July-August Newsletter 2017


The July-August UFRA News is now online.  Be sure to check out Indonesian Culture Day!

Indonesia is a fascinating country in Southeast Asia, a land of islands, unique wildlife, diverse cultures and religions, world heritage monuments, and dynamic musical and artistic traditions. Despite that, the country is not so well known here in Japan. UFRA aims to change that with Indonesian Culture Day. 

July・August 2017                   2017年7月/8月ニューズレター